What to Expect - The Process

Initial Assessment

A home visit allows us to discuss your overall vision for the space, style, budget and timeline. 

 We will take accurate measurements and take any pictures that may be helpful when compiling everything needed for your project.

 Let us visit you and get inspired

Scope and Budget Development

  • Based on what was discussed at initial assessment, we build a realistic layout and budget that considers all of the expenses.

Planning and Design

  •  This package contains all of the necessary information for your entire project and will help to communicate clearly to the trades, and any City officials what we are planning to achieve.  

Project Management

  • Schedules and timelines will be generated to maximize trade utilization and project deadlines. JSK provides continual support for you throughout the process with confident project management. 

  • Unexpected expenses, delays and project amendments, can be daunting for some.  JSK Designs has the knowledge and skill to expertally guide and manage when these situations arise.

Finalize and Completion

  • We understand that most people have a busy lifestyle. JSK Designs can do a lot of the process through online tools and emails, this will help you to stay engaged in the process.The final details can be more involved and have a greater impact than you may have expected. 

When you are completely satisfied with the desired final outcome and you have transformed your space and home into something you will enjoy forever.  

Then our job is complete !